Recommended by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

My Uncle Keith Died
By Carol Ann Loehr

Julianne Cosentino, Author of Discussion Guide

Available at Trafford Publishing Toll Free (888)232-4444

The children’s book: My Uncle Keith Died describes the symptoms of depression. It also helps children understand why a depressed person may not seek help. By reading Cody’s questions and his mother’s answers about his Uncle’s death, young readers will learn what to do if someone they know shows signs of depression. Early detection, intervention, and treatment for depression are critical for preventing suicides.

Cody and his mother, a licensed social worker, discuss suicide and depression in simple terms, as readers discover the importance of talking about one's feelings and reaching our to other with love and compassion. Young readers also learn what to do if someone they know shows signs of depression.

Included is a discussion guide which will help parents and professionals deal with the type of questions children are likely to ask when their lives have been touched by suicide.

Archive: August 16, 2007
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How do I tell them?
Talking to children about suicide
Guests: Carol Loehr and Juli Cosentino


Kathy Mayer
I wanted to tell you about reading your book to my niece, 11, and her brother, 7. Their mother attempted suicide in August 2007. She is bipolar and currently struggling with addiction (they now live with their grandparents).

We snuggled up on my coach on Saturday and I read the book to them. Often,they are distracted and begin conversations on unrelated topics, get up when we read, or fidget a lot. Not this time. They sat touching me, totally engrossed. After a few pages, my niece commented that she noticed there were fish on every page. When we came to the family center spread, she immediately pointed to the mask. She knew just what that was about. My nephew never spoke at all while we read.

After our reading, I asked what they thought about the book. My niece didn't say. My nephew said, "It's important to talk about your feelings."

I do know they were quite moved by the story, and it felt good to share someone else's experience with them. Thanks!

Elise Hammond
Youth Suicide Prevention Project.Missouri
I come from a family in which there is a huge stigma surrounding mental health. When I was seven years old my grandfather died by suicide, and no one ever even talked with me about it. When I read your book a few months ago I felt a great sense of relief that other children would not be as confused as I was. Thank you for such a wonderful book.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Carol Ann Loehr, Trafford Publishing, 2006. Written in clear simple language easily understood by children, this book offers hope and practical ways to explain suicide to children. It explains the difference between sadness and depression, and describes how chemical imbalances in the brain cause illnesses that can result in suicide.

Dr. Gloria Horsley
Host of Healing The Grieving Heart

One of a kind for children to understand suicideExplaining death to children is difficult at best but when a person has died at their own hand it is doubly difficult. The illustrations in the book are beautiful and the discussion guide is helpful for any parent or teacher. This book should be available in every school library!

Pastor Jeff Moody.
The Great Outdoor Church, Titusville, FL.
Carol has managed to explain in very simple and understandable terms how severe depression is a leading cause of suicide. We are taken through this process with her grand nephew, Cody, who is featured as the catalyst in exploring why her son, Keith, died of suicide. She approaches this subject in a very sensitive, creative, and respectful fashion.

I highly recommend this book to those who are struggling with the inevitable questions that come. It is very appropriately written for children and is an effective tool for adults as well.

Ann, Organizer of Cyber Friends for
In my quest to understand Jimmy's depression over the past two years, I have read more stupid/inaccurate/uncaring books by so-called specialists in the field of psychology which I tossed have put into a few pages a compassionate description of the pain our loved ones tried to endure...thank you!

Mary Jo McConnell, Mother of John G.
Carol Loehr's touching book, "My Uncle Keith Died" gently and lovingly tells a story as seen through the eyes of a child, Cody. It is a story about LOVE and LOSS, remembering the past and honoring the memory of a loved one. My Uncle Keith serves to teach children and their families about the realities of mental illness and suicide while hopefully erasing some of the stigma of both. It gives the reader a feeling of hope that they may pass on to a family member or friend that suffers from depression. I would recommend "My Uncle Keith Died" to anyone.