A Sign from Joe?

May 14, 2003
Some interesting things happened today. When I came downstairs at about 7:00 for breakfast before going to work, I looked up and saw an unusual ray of light hitting Joe's photo (3rd grade, school photo) on the piano. The ray of light, really, more accurately, a glow, was directly on his face and around him was a shadow over our daughters Emily and Maria's photos. I hurried to get my husband Frank, and when he saw it, he cried.

We watched it for maybe a little less than a minute. It faded to nothing but never moved from Joe's face. Isn't that strange? Frank (a retired physicist) is going to try to figure out if there is a physical explanation, but with the photo being on the east wall and sun rising on the east, how could a ray of light come from the west to hit the photo? Some kind of reflection? And Frank really described it as a "glow." It's nice to think that Joe knew a lot of people would be thinking of him today for the dedication of the bench in his memory at the high school tennis court.

That's the other event of the day. It was quite emotional with a few students reading tributes and the coach talking about what an inspiration Joe was in terms of working hard toward a goal. Of course, no parent wants his/her child to be the reason for a memorial, but it was quite a touching experience. Lots of tears and hugs...

Charleen Gangemi

Joseph Krofft Gangemi
June 26, 1986-February 3, 2003