Keith celebrating his first Christmas in Heaven.
By: Cody Cosentino.

Cody was 5 when he drew this picture of Keith celebrating Christmas in Heaven. I remember asking Cody about the picture and he told me that it was of Keith and his black dog. I said that Keith didn’t have a black dog yet Cody insisted that “yes he does have one in Heaven with him.” Later after speaking to Aunt Carol I was reminded of the black dog Keith had as a boy. The dog was now in Heaven. Cody never knew this dog because it died before Cody was born. I also know that Cody never heard anyone talk about this dog. He insisted that Keith told him about the dog.

Cody has had many unexplainable experiences in which he has made statements about Keith “telling him things”. When Cody was also around 5 he told me that “I know Keith, he is young like me.” I explained that Keith had been much older than him and was my age. Cody insisted “no” I don’t know him when he is big. He then told me that Keith told him that he could only see him when he is little because he is little. Cody was then shown a group picture including Keith when he was about Cody’s age. He picked Keith out immediately even though Keith looked much different than Cody would have ever known him to look.

One day in May of 2001 Cody, Carly and I were getting ready to leave the house in the morning. Cody was still in the family room when I went into the garage to put Carly in the car. When I came back in to get him he said “why did you say see you later, were you going to leave me here?’ I said that I didn’t say that and he insisted that I did and that I was standing right behind him. He then asked me who said it and I said that I didn’t know but the next time he should ask “who are you?” After we were driving in the car for awhile Cody stated that it must have been Keith saying goodbye. I asked him how he knew and he stated that he just did. At this time he also told me about the footsteps that he heard in his room at night. He thought that it also must be Keith in his room.