One Small Pebble
by Carol Loehr

I wrote this poem to help explain the message in my children's book
My Uncle Keith Died

Trafford Publishing

Toss a pebble
into the water.

As it splashes into the water
ripples are created.

These ripples continue
 to spread from the center.

On and on they go, reverberating
 out beyond our sight.

One small pebble makes waves of change
over waters that were previously unmoving.

To understand the world of depression,
we need to be educated.

We then understand depression
and its deadly result: suicide.

Depression is an illness of the brain
and needs medical attention.

Untreated depression is
the number one cause of suicide.

The illness of depression
has symptoms.

By knowing the symptoms
we can save lives.

With our understanding we
can educate others.

 Now we can toss out
our own pebbles.

Our pebbles will create
ever-wider ripples of understanding.

Depressed people will no longer
be embarrassed and ashamed.

Unafraid, they will ask for help.

With encouragement and treatment,
their lives can be saved

Join me in tossing out pebbles into the
waters of ignorance

@CL 2007