Phase 2 of Keith's Journey:
is to complete the Understanding of Self and Universe

Phase 2 consists of Freeing the Mind and Soul

By Carrie Loehr: Keith's Little Sister

Keith, I believe that you are now in a completely carefree and content state of existence which I will call Phase 2. Because of this environment of complete peacefulness and tranquility you have been lead to begin a new journey in your life. Now, this phase is impossible for us here to ever understand because we have barriers--our minds do not have the capacity to comprehend another way of living and being. You realize now that up is actually down, and everything makes so much more sense that way.

You have learned a lot in Phase 1, but upon entering into phase 2 you were encouraged to open your mind and soul to understand what the importance of your previous journey was.

Now that you are in this surreal state (as we would call it, although you now see it as being quite real, more real than anything in phase 1) you can actually use all the gifts you have been blessed with on a completely different (higher) level. Now you understand why things happened the way they did, and everything is clear.

Then you reach for a beer (because a life of being content in Keith's state of being includes have plenty of beer while opening his mind and soul) and watch all of us complete our journeys here, and know that soon enough we will too understand why we have been lead to the paths we have chosen. We will all soon realize why it was so important for us to experience what we did in this difficult as it may have been.

Keith, I love you and I want to wish you much happiness upon embarking on this new journey of your life.