Dearest Keithers,

I love you.

I have now graduated, and I am about to begin another phase of my life. No, I will not be scared of all the changes I am about to face. I will take all of the courage that you have given me and use it to achieve what I want in life.

I could always turn to you Keith. You always thought of me as your "little sister" who would always remain ten years old in your eyes. You would even be scared to get in the passenger seat of a car if I was driving (yet I was 21 years old)! I remember flying to see you in Chicago and my flight number had changed. Because you didn't have my new flight information you went up to the ticket counter and said "I know you aren't allowed to give out flight information but Carrie is my little sister."

I love you for always watching out for me...your little sister. When I was lazy, just lounging in bed, you would always persuade me to rollerblade while you ran besides me. "Come on Carrie, there is no time here to be lazy!" is what you would say to me. I have never met someone who has had a stronger influence on my life. You have encouraged me, and given me the push to be the best I can be. I love you.

Even though I cannot see your face when I talk to you - I know you are still there listening to me and watching my every move. If I ever need to have a long talk with you, I go to the nearest jogging path and find a bench. You are there. There is part of you Keith in every animal, flower and blade of grass that surrounds me. Since you and I have had our best conversations while exercising, I choose to continue this tradition. I love you, and know you are still always willing to listen.

I am a better person because of you Keith. I will always treasure the countless memories I have of you, and will share them with everyone who is a part of my life. I love you, and I will talk to you soon.


Your Little Sister
~~ Carrie